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Savannah cats are incredibly beautiful. They are the result of breeding a standard domestic cat with the serval, an African wild cat.

Savannah is one of the top cats , but if we say its worlds most expensive breeds in the cats then it might not be wrong some where it styles just look like a Bengal tiger . would love a statuette of this in my garden.

Bengal kittens- coats of many colors :) (AWE.... I WANT ONE )

Wow, a cat like I saw in my dream is in this photo, the one that is white with silver outlined spots. I sure was surprised to see it, didnt know such a cat was real!

Bengal Kitten. I need her in my life

Bengal Kitten p.s there is tons of pics of Bengal cats because it's one of the trending things and I was bored so I decided to look at the cute kitty cats

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 22 Pics

Calmly Threatening Cat memes - kitty cat humor funny joke gato chat captions feline laugh photo Source by

The kitten who fell in love with a turtle. Animals adopt other animals, outside their species, they love and become best friends. Inseparable.

The kitten who fell in love with a turtle. (KO) The turtle who longs to escape. Something tells me that this little charmer considers his turtle a toy. Turtles are fragile. Buy this fur ball a toy turtle or other stuffed toy and rescue the poor turtle.