Leaf Litter. Fiona Hall

Fiona Hall Leaf Litter, 2000 - 2002 Cynara scolymus - globe artichoke gouache on bank notes dimensions variable (Detail)Leaf Litter

.I saw this artists exhibition in Wellington...Fiona Hall ..it was amazing

Fiona Hall is an Australian artistic photographer and sculptor. Hall is representing Australia in the International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale in

Fiona Hall

FIONA HALL, Leaf Litter: printed leaves onto money from around the world. Hall has chosen to include species of leaves that have been threatened due to enterprise and the interest of monetary gain.

Fiona Hall  born Australia 1953    Leaf litter: Dioscored esculenta – air potato 2000-03  gouache on international currency

image: detail: Fiona Hall Leaf litter: Dioscored esculenta - air potato gouache on international currency, Collection of the National Gallery Purchased 2003

Leaf Litter

Leaf Litter

fiona hall

The Australian artist, Fiona Hall, has created these botanical sculptures from sardine tins.