Philippa Wood :: brilliant artist book

'Done' is a unique artists' book produced specifically for the 'we love your books' 2009 exhibition entitled 'Closure', at Artworks, Milton Keynes. This tissue paper book is based on an obsession with list-making. It explores the typographic potential o

Back to simple done well. Don't know if this is Idea mag, don't think it is. I guess it's the November issue 1956. Beautiful.

Ideologic is the information and archival resource for the music/design/etc work of Paris based artist Stephen O’Malley and related parties.

Cutting up a parent sheet that you've painted (on both side) and then making a book is quite satisfying... like this one by Traci Jones

Project: Small hand bound watercolored artist book by MagicalSquirrel

cute hand made zine collection

cute hand made zine collection. I quite like the idea of creating a collage from favourite magazine pages to make small individual note or scketch books.


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