Choosing the right color combos in your design is such a big deal. We’re all drawn to certain colors and said colors play a factor into our feelings, it’s all physiological just like smell. I’ve seen

Color Combos (smuug)

Azure Butterflies - Do you have an eye for color? Share it with us! Submit your own color palettes at!

Azure Butterflies At some point I'd like to create a logo based around the shape of this butterfly and the mix of different shades of blue.

my ultimate color scheme

this would be a super fun project. color-match spectrum of a favorite photo. even more so if the spectrum was also collaged from photos, not just color matched on illustrator. More (COLORS, 210 note)

Tasse Nuance de marron

Caffeinated Tones (design seeds)

caffeinated tones image via: Julie Audet The post Caffeinated Tones appeared first on Design Seeds.

Tono & Co.

Earth Collection of Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons (Set of 3

The oh so pretty EARTH collection of lovingly frayed, hand dyed silk ribbons that you can shop ✨✨ We collaborated with amazing artist to create them and she's having a huge GIVEAWAY right now for these ribbons and