I can't stop laughing.

Mine, all mine…

How funny!

I’ve decided to live my life differently…

I am a penguin cat or a cat penguin or a pen catguin! I don't mind whatever you call me!

i can't believe you just said that...love these guys

When I argue with my girlfriend…

Oh my goodness angry birds are real ... and so adorable! :)

The Japanese White-eye (Zosterops japonicus), also known as the mejiro bird. Basically a real life angry bird

Its true. I could slap the stupid right outa him!

Funny pictures about Why women live longer. Oh, and cool pics about Why women live longer. Also, Why women live longer.

Escape Escaping!  ;-)

Escape escaping

Daredevil with ming

OMG look at the huge blue and white porcelain temple vases this guy is transporting.

Small cart overloaded with paint cans.

This is the way freight is transported in India - a bicycle rickshaw loaded with paint cans and topped with a laborer.

Free, Drinking Ecard: Why, YES! I believe I will have a glass. Sit back and watch the awesomeness unfold.

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