library book check out card. Wow, my baby girl will never know the joy of this or the Dewey Decimal System! The SMELL of books and a library. The excitement of learning and digging for answers!

Saturday morning cartoons

The Jetsons::Meet George Jetson. Jane, his wife. His boy, Elroy.and of course - faithful dog, Astro.

Address book. Haven't seen one of these in years. I know someone had one because I remember playing with it.

address book - Grandma had one of these in her kitchen beside the phone and I remember playing with it.

Gloworm | 25 Awesome ’80s Toys You Never Got But Can Totally Buy Today: I actually had this.

Glow Worm, my favorite thing as a dad found one on the river and brought it home for me My son has one for when he's older too!

I remember these. They were much more difficult than this looks.

Remember wanting a cold drink and finding the tray empty or half frozen? I remember these ice cube trays.

Playskool Tool Bench w/ Hammer. I broke my mom's lamp with the hammer once.

Vintage Wooden Playskool Pounding Bench Perfect little vintage toy, pound the pegs down and then flip it over to pound them again. Lot of life left in this adorable toy.

the variety pack

You could eat the cereal right from the box. You had to open it a certain way and then pour the milk right & my brother HAD to try it & pour the milk & eat it out of the box, but loved the individual boxes back then-a real treat!

Bewitched - I always wiggled my nose when I watched this show

Bewitched was one of my favorite television shows. Elizabeth Montgomery was so cute as Samantha. Watching the animated theme is one of my very earliest memories. Maybe it's why I wish I could fly.