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Larry Burrows

Funny pictures about A marine and his dog in Vietnam. Oh, and cool pics about A marine and his dog in Vietnam. Also, A marine and his dog in Vietnam photos.

Albert Einstein

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving" - Albert Einstein. “I thought of that while riding my bicycle” – Einstein on Relativity

We stand with The Standing Rock Rez in their effort to fight against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. #rezpectourwater #nodakotaaccess sign the petition www.rezpectourwater.com

"Rezpect our water" Source: At least 4 horses were shot out from under Native American water protectors who are non-violently standing against the installation of the Dakota Access Pipeline across their treaty lands.

Geronimo ... at his surrender ... 1886

at his surrender . We loaded all the Apaches there on to a train (even the scouts who worked for the Army) and shipped them to Florida. A hell on earth to a Southwestern desert native.