Shaded garden bed

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New Zealand Rock Lily (Arthropodium cirratum) Rengarenga, Renga Lily, or Maikaika is a species of herbaceous perennial plant, endemic to New Zealand, where it may once have been farmed. It is used for medicine as well as food, and has symbolic importance in traditional Māori culture.

Arthropodium cirratum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "The rhizomes are edible when cooked"

New Zealand Rock lily

Renga Renga is the New Zealand Maori name for Arthropodium cirratum - one of the best landscaping native plants I have ever grown in my garden. Some local gardeners use the name Rock-Lily.

New Zealand Rock Lily

Arthropodium cirratum 'Matapouri Bay' - One of my favourite plants. Great for most places in the garden. Would work well in that small garden bed between the fence and pool