Jade Peters
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seashell art composition in a printers type box

Sea shell art, cut shell collage or assemblage, within a repurposed wood letterpress type box, type tray, type case or type drawer.

Friends for so long

If me and my bestie get to like rlly old ladies im gunna say SHE was the bad influence. I'll leave you to decide if I was the one that hide under her brother's bed and grabbed his ankles.

My best friend doesn't care about my family, bc she is part of the fam

Hate to get all sappy on you, dude, but i love you so much. Like no homo or anything, but i love you so fucking much. You're literally my best friend and my sister. I would straight up die for you. Love you yogi.

Air plants, sea shells, fishing line, and a piece of wood. Cute and easy.

So funny! Its just air plants, sea shells, fishing line, and a piece of draft wood! If somebody made this for me, I think I would love them forever. It would be better with fishing hooks holding the sea shells