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So true!

waiting for someone else to make you happy is the best way to be sad. Determine your OWN happiness.

I can't stop laughing

Poetry: One fish two fish red fish blue fish. Description: This is a rhyming book for young students. Activity: Have the students create a fish like their favorite one from the book.

Oh funny

Ok, I decided I couldn't hold back on pinning this. It just made me laugh too much. "You can't say happiness without penis"

Teenager posts

So I had a dream or it wasn't a dream, but my cousin fell out of a tree. Okay I still don't know if that happened in real life or in a dream, but others a long time ago

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But you know I'm weird all the time. Not mention he makes me weird because he's so fucking adorable. Thank god he's one of my best friends so he doesn't think anything of it.

So true. Story of my life

Most accurate post ever. I cut my hair short and it saves time in the morning but I'd give anything to have my long hair back!

I swear my whole life is a musical.I sing songs about ANYthing! I could be singing songs about washing a butterknife or hitting my toe on the matter what it is I make up a song to it!