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Handprint doodle art

Handprint doodle art

Warm and Cool Leaves

draw a leaf with warm colors. background with cool Pastel oil, tempera block paint ans black crayon.



Tallies & Graphs: Collecting Class Data and then compile it into a book.

Tallies & Graphs: Collecting Class Data This resource will engage students by entering data as to what they are doing on the weekend. Once this has been filled in by each class member students can then create a bar graph reflecting upon the results.

$80 Bright Yellow Orange Flared Low Plunge V-Neck Floral Printed Summer Romper One Piece Playsuit

Not a fan of the yellow color but I love this flowy romper! So cute!

FREE Bar Graph templates - with and without a scale for a variety of data/graphing needs! #bargraphs #bargraphtemplates

Two bar graph templates are provided - one with a scale of ones (from and the other with no scale so that students (or the teacher) can create their own scale. Great for the teacher on the go - easily used for a variety of data/graphing lessons.

Art Room Voice level chart. Would be great in a classroom as well...I love the paired paintings!

To help us all know how quiet or loud our voices should be in the Art Room, I've created a Voice Level Chart. We will be referring to the Voice Level that is expected at different times of the Art.

How Big is My Problem? Behavior Chart

How Big is My Problem Chart: Helps students put their problems onto a scale. This helps them manage their issue without unduly alarm and communicate with me for help.