Ebony RSW45 Large Format Camera

What a beautiful field camera. (Apparently – with thanks to Iain Claridge – it’s an Ebony large format camera).

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Vintage 1947 Graflex Pacemaker Crown Land by NatsVintageFinds, $295.00

SALE Vintage 1947 Graflex Pacemaker Crown Land used one in camera club in high School


I don't know about you, but I really dig the look of a brassed-out old camera. The coolest finish for a camera in my opinion is black paint over brass—but only after you use it enough to see some brass.

Rolleiflex TLR Planar f/2.8 80mm Zeiss Medium Format Camera

A new addition, (thanks Bonnie for setting this up) a Rolleiflex TLR Planar Medium Format Camera! Just waiting on a test roll I put through it to be developed :) Taken with the Nikon @

1980's Nikon Advertisement

Nikon Advertisement Product photography that tells a story, and this image makes room in the lower third for copy - which is what we need! Political connection to ads


Something you vintage cameras for decoration. i'm a wedding photographer with a love for anything vintage - especially cameras! would love to mix some into the decor as a personal touch!