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Pumpkin Roll Bars - Delicious and amazing pumpkin roll bars swirled with…

Pumpkin Roll Bars : The Recipe Critic. These are delicious and easy without all of the hard work of a pumpkin roll! I usually make pumpkin rolls at Christmas. I might have to replace them with these!

Convenient Barley Ball is a Natural Pond Cleaner If you want to keep your pond fresh and clear all summer long, discover what thousands of gardeners already know — there's no better natural solution than barley straw! And our Barley Ball is the most effective and convenient way to dispense barley. Each ball is effective for 3 to 4 months. One barley ball treats ponds from 260 to 2,600 gallons. Convenient, natural way to encourage clearer pond water Safe for fish, pets, plants For best r...

Barley straw cleans ponds and it’s safe for fish.It’s also safe for livestock. We use barley straw bags in our horse tanks. As long as you change them regularly (see the label on yours for info), they work great!