Untitled - Gordon Walters 1960 - Collections Online - Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Untitled by New Zealand artist Gordon Walters Collage of black and white paper, 377 x 305 mm. via Museum of New Zealand

by Gordon Walters: NZ artist

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Richard Killeen

-line -colour -variety -colour -contrast -value -tone -balance -emphasis -rhythm -shape

Richard Killeen 2 by 2 metres

Richard Killeen 2 by 2 metres Elements: Line, color, shape Principles: Balance, pattern and repetition

Gordon Walters

'Tamaki II' - Gordon Walters National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

-colour -shape -line -contrast -space -balance -emphasis -contrast -rhythm

-colour -shape -line -contrast -space -balance -emphasis -contrast -rhythm

Richard Killeen; Landscape interior, 2003

-colour -balance -line -emphasis -contrast -value -proportion -form -tone

city-living-frame_0.jpg (662×978) Elements: Line, color, value, shape, form, space, texture Principles: Symmetrical balance, proportion, variety

-shape -variety -line -form -layer -texture -colour -emphasis -contrast -rhythm -unity -proportion