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just because boys and girls hang out doesnt mean they love eachother. yes people need to know the difference!

Can I please find a boy best friend? That has been my dream for so long!!!!!!!

I can't say I really have ONE guy best friend.I have a whole bunch of guy friends. And I have two girl best friends. And a WHOLE BUNCHA guy friends.

I don't know what's worse; Having you this close without being able to run up, kiss you, and tell you iloveyou... or Not seeing you at all. I miss you.

I seriously thought about U all day & all night baby! How much I wanted U here with me.all the things we would love to much I want to kiss U & hold I can't wait to be back in your arms.I miss you and love you and will be back u no it

My God's Not Dead - Newsboys

My God's Not Dead - Newsboys from the movie gods not dead! Because he isn't!