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Jeremy Hanna
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What is a Battle Rifle? In-Depth Look from a Military Marksman

So what is a battle rifle? Kyle, a marine veteran Lounge writer takes you through what makes these rifles unique, how they're used and their history.

The High-Tech Soldiers of the Future Are Here

Private Jackson Bartlett from the Battalion Royal Australian Regiment pulls the newly position trigger on the new Grenade Launcher Attachment (GLA) on an Austeyr weapon at Kangaroo Flats firing range, outside of Darwin.

Canada's Armed Forces Future Weapon - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog

Colt “Smart Gun” A prototype bullpup being R&Ded for Canada’s Soldier Integrated Precision Effects System (SIPES) is proof that the OICW concept still inspires military planners.


Canadian armed forces and Colt have developed a new concept of assault rifle SIPES project.

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