Piwakawakas. Jane Crisp

Jane Crisp this would be a great rule for bathroom".Paora: Don't put this beautiful Kai Tiaki in a bathroom or a toilet.

JANE CRISP.   Piwakawaka in Puka

Jane Crisp : The Artists Room

Memoirs Of Yesterday - Jane Crisp 2012

Jane Crisp "Beauty and realness of the natural world is what captivates me.

Paintings by Mandy Hague    “The Fobwatch” is a tribute to her Mum’s stepfather as the watch was his. “The fantail to me has an ethereal other-worldly quality”, she shares. “They have an unfortunate reputation for forecasting death. In this work the fantail represents him while acknowledging he is present only in spirit and memory”.

Artist by Nature: Art and Photography by Mandy Hague, Whakatane. : My Newest Painting - Fantail & Fob Watch

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