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TpT ❤ Science: Looking for Science teaching resources for the Primary or Elementary classroom? This board contains pins on a mixture of TeachersPayTeachers products, teaching tools, activities, freebies, ideas, tips and blog posts. ❤ If you would like to be added as a collaborator, please follow the board and email me your Pinterest details at Please limit pinning to 10 pins a day, and make them a combination of products and ideas/freebies.
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Measurement & Graphing Math Project-Based Learning: Paper Airplane Fun

into the wild blue yonder! Students research types of paper airplanes using websites. They test different designs, forming hypotheses and conduct flight trials. They record their data and report it using bar graphs and line graphs. This proje

Food Webs in a Biome Project NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas- LS2.A and LS2.B

DNA Fingerprinting Webquest

"A perfect combination of interactive technology and reinforcement of key concepts." Bring your forensic science classroom to life with this interactive webquest! This Cornell-style webquest consists of 38 teacher made questions that go along with four

A Recipe for Traits - DNA Genetics Heredity Recipe for Dogs

Science Lessons, Science Activities, Dna Genetics, Dogs, Recipe, Biology, Advertising, Science Classroom, Doggies

Blood Types - Foldable for Interactive Notebooks - Differentiated

Blood Types Foldable for Interactive Notebooks ***NEW PRODUCT!*** This study guide was made for a high school forensics class studying blood, but this product is appropriate for any middle or high school class studying blood types.

St. Patrick's Day Science

Patrick's Day, why not teach a rainbow of scientific concepts.from rainbow science and writing connections, to potato experiments and research.growing leprechaun hair to STEM leprechaun traps.your learners will be lucky to engage in St.

Four Seasons Activities (Four Seasons PowerPoint)

100th Day Science STEM Inquiry Challenges Experiments

Valentine's Day Science Worksheet - Genetics -Punnett Squares Genotype Phenotype

Valentine's Day Science Worksheet - Genetics -Punnett Squares Genotype Phenotype

Valentine's Day Science Worksheet - Genetics (Punnett Squares, genotypes, phenotypes)

Forensic Science - Ballistics Vocabulary Game - Taboo

Vocabulary Games, Forensic Science, Forensics, Forensics And Investigations

Global Warming Documentary Worksheet

Global Warming, Cornell Notes, Documentary, Worksheets

Solar System Infographic Mats: Nonfiction & Science Reading Mats

These solar system infographic mats are a perfect way to teach science concepts, nonfiction text, reading skills, and science vocabulary. KIDS LOVE THEM! #nonfiction #reading #wildchilddesigns #readersworkshop #science #solarsystem