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campanas de viento feng shui - Buscar con Google

I think going to the Habitat for Humantiy Restore to find odd things for a wind chime sounds like a great afternoon project! DIY Craft Projects for the Yard and Garden - Trash to Treasure

pathway--what a creative idea for "pieces parts"!

Use old & new bricks, salvaged tiles, broken dishes & other eclectic finds to build a walk that's also a memory the idea of memory path.


Stone Mosaic Garden Path :love the idea, Id upgrade it to meditative mandalas in the pathway. Step lightly on each moment - Gardening Sustain


Since Prince's passing SO MANY new, unseen photos! Post them here!

Old chandelier and a new tin watering can...could probably use bead necklaces or something too. or use the mardi gras beads everyone has?

DIY outdoor waterfall sculpture - Old clear chandelier crystals & old clear necklace beads, tin watering can, clear fish line . hang watering can then connect crystals/beads with clear line flowing out of can spout .

Awesome idea from Artful Panoply, teapot & glass beads in the garden.

Awesome idea from Artful Panoply. Teapot and glass beads in the garden. This would make an excellent rain chain!

I'm an avid tea drinker, I think thi s is just charming!

Wind chimes from antique silver tea pots- coffee pots and silverware