Pasifika Success as Pasifika Research Infographic

A cultural definition of literacy - a great visual tool to use with teachers re-thinking and reflecting on meeting the needs of Pasifika learners.

Effective teachng for Pasifika students

I have saved this pin, for future reference, as I am trying to build my personal knowledge about Pasifika culture and education-Effective teachng for Pasifika students

Engaging with Pasifika parents, families and communities

Engaging with Pasifika parents, families and communities Wonderful for schools, teachers and fellow RTLB when working with Pasifika families

Putting the 'e' in Pasifika: Accessibility Features for Pasifika learners with disabilities

This clip discusses and demonstrates all the accessibility features on the iPad. It is great to have as a reminder of the great feature available at the touch of a button on iPads and other IOS devices.

Pasifika media resource

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