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jimmy crawford

jimmy crawford
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If you already have a camera then this project will cost less than $50 to complete. If you like to shop on AliExpress you can probably build it for around $30. If you like to support your local middleman, more power too you, but it will cost a little more. The giant screw shown above was made from a regular drywall screw captured using this scanner and a Nikon DSLR.Desktop 3d scanning has made great leaps in recent years but it still has great limitations. Scanner hardware is built around a…

As a test of my newly designed desktop photogrammetry scanner I made a scan of a common drywall screw then blew it up to almost Claes Oldenburg propor

Arthur Darvill. From Rory to Rip Hunter

From Rory to Rip Hunter <<<<< Guys please don't forget after Doctor Who, Arthur had a role in Broadchurch with David Tennant, where Arthur happened to play a priest