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Photo courtesy of Pareeerica How much money would you need to throw a Masquerade Ball Party? What Kind Of Place Would Be Perfect for A Ball?

The child’s calm self-possession fractured in the face of the doll and her wardrobe.  “Oh, I love her! Look, Mama! Look how beautiful she is. Look at all her clothes!”

This is an oil painting done in 1789 by Elisabeth Vigee Lebrun, and is entitled: "Self Portrait with Her Daughter." The title describes exactly what it is, a self portrait of herself (Elisabeth Lebrun) and her daughter.

She enjoyed his company, and missed him when he was off on duchy business, or out making mayhem in the ton. She’d learned more about sex in three years with Aldridge, than in three years in a brothel and six with other men. But he was also good company out of bed, an entertaining conversationalist, happiest when his mistress had opinions and made him work hard to defend his.

Frederic Soulacroix Flirtation painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Frederic Soulacroix Flirtation painting is available at custom size.

At one hour to the minute, he returned up the stairs. The suite was silent and dark. He lit a candle from one in the hall sconce, and let himself into the bedchamber he’d reserved for them. “Becky, I am here,” he said.

Georgian Clothing for Sleep: Mrs. Wheatly in her Nightcap by Francis Wheatly

figure 7.jpg (1000×644)

figure 7.jpg (1000×644)

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01-Michael-Werner-UpperBrookExterior.jpg (258×439)

There was a fog. No. Heavier than a fog. A bank of clouds. A blanket, almost, covering everything. Sometimes, she could see through it a little, or hear a few words, or feel a touch. Sarah came to visit. She was sure of that. Her belly hurt. Was it the baby? No. The baby was gone. There was a grief there, somewhere just out of reach, waiting to consume her, but she wouldn’t think of it. She was so hot. No, she was cold. So cold, she was sweating.

Van Dyck, Sir Anthony Venetia, Lady Digby, on her Deathbed year 1633 Dulwich Picture Gallery - "as much as I adore Van Dyck this horrible subject matter is encourging me too hang this in the attic"

She took a turn around the room. This would be much easier if he had remained the disdainful, half-drunk, leering buffoon of a few weeks ago. Sober and respectful, he was temptation personified. But it would never work. “I would expect fidelity, my lord. And sobriety.” “So would I,” he responded.

Hand painted reproduction of The New Spinet painting. This masterpiece was painted originally by George Goodwin Kilburne. Commission your beautiful hand painted reproduction of The New Spinet.

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