Joel Taylor

Joel Taylor

Hi i am joel. At my shop in Ahuriri, Napier i have a large collection of maritime antiques & collectables including shipping books, and i buy & sell these. I ha
Joel Taylor
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Opera Amsterdam | The First Photographs, Amsterdam 1845 – 1875

OPERA works in a broad range of. Our portfolio contains several large-scale museum interiors and major exhibition designs.

Ships, S.S. "Ile de France", French Line.

SS Ile de France - A beautiful day at sea on Ile de France’s top deck. No rock climbing walls or roller coasters in sight. Just the sea, the sky, the wind and a classic ocean liner beneath your feet.

Traverse is by hand only and no power is supplied. Access to the turret is either by access doors in the turret itself or from underneath the armoured box by means of a steel ladder communicating with a deep dugout. It is obvious that the crews live in the turret and dugout permanently, as electric light is supplied and there are other signs of continuing operation.

Panther turrets used a fixed artillery positions during the battle of Berlin, quite effective as they offered a small and heavily armored target.