Atelier Arcos Architecture - Philippe Gautier - Nevez (29) - Réhabiliter

Atelier Arcos Architecture - Philippe Gautier - Nevez (29) - Réhabiliter architecture, kitchen and bathroom design: History repeats

Garage area with doors! With its bagged schist walls and gabled forms, this new house is reminiscent of historic gold-miners' huts and old stone farm buildings

Owhanake Headland, 2014 | CHRISTIAN ANDERSON ARCHITECTS » Archipro

Bold architecture with maximum exposure to the views and seasonal rhythms - Owhanake Headland 2

Country chic

Country chic

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Rustic timber beams makes an interior beautiful!

I picked this room because of the combination of old and rustic with new and modern. The natural wood beams provide most of the colour in the white room. As a focal point the beams draw the viewers eye up to the ceiling and skylight.

milo and mitzy: Bayleys Real Estate

Black Barn Vineyards is a small exclusive vineyard in Hawkes Bay New Zealand. It specialises in high quality estate grown wines, luxury accommodation, lunches, concerts and small functions all on a spectacular vineyard site with superb views.

Courtyard with fireplace. See the bedroom wing hallway through the window on the left.  Grey and Scout | Interior Inspiration: PORTLAND

Interior courtyard of Schoolhouse Electric owner's home in Oregon. Outdoor fireplace and picnic table with interrupted benches provide easy access