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Creative interpretation of a traditional Maori kite - Te Manu Tukutuku. Rose (aged 12).

Creative interpretation of a traditional Maori kite - Te Manu Tukutuku. Rose (aged 12).

How to make a manu taratahi

How to make a manu taratahi

Follow these instructions to make a triangular child’s kite: Figure 1: Lay the feathered toetoe stalks on top of the unfeathered stalk as shown. Bind the stalks together with string. Figure 2: Lace together dry raupō leaves in groups of six. Start at the wide ...

weaving - kite

weaving - kite

Manu Aute kite 2010 painted nylon, fiberglass frame 18' wingspan, 20' long Stylized version of the ancient bird man kite of the Maori of New Zealand.


Aerial sculpture by George Peters & Melanie Walker

Maori Art + Design - Kura Gallery - Auckland & Wellington NZ » Sculpture & Objects

Sculpture & Objects – Kura Gallery: Maori and New Zealand Art + Design.

Kura Gallery Aotearoa Art + Design – we exhibit and sell an extensive range of original quality Maori and New Zealand made art and design that is unique to Aotearoa. Established in 1998 Kura has artspaces in both Auckland and Wellington and represents established and emerging Maori and New Zealand artists.

Maori kites and Kite Making. Free resources with lesson ideas. – eBooks

Maori kites and Kite Making. Free resources with lesson ideas.

FREE DOWNLOAD Resource details: 51 x A4 size pages. 2900 words. Includes many images and video links. Summary and Overview Lesson & Resource: This resource is useful in teaching about Maori Kit…

manu tukutuku

manu tukutuku

LASER CUT KITES AND STARS | Acrylic Laser Cuts - Open Edition Kites Small: 200mm x 340mm $175 Kites Large: 380mm x 590mm $325 |


Manu Tukutuku

Manu Tukutuku

Manutukutuku. We have been designing our own kites for Matiriki. We have been using fabric and fibre, toitoi & alpaca wool. String & clothing has also been used as well as tin foil and feathers. We have enjoyed it. By Jacob & Decan This is what our manu tukutuku are looking like so far. For further information about Manu Tukutuku click here.

"...Harko Brown designed the kite and leading Maori artist Theresa Reihana painted it." The kite is called Te Ara Wairua and depicts spiritual p...

Traditional beauty ready to fly

A unique part of Maori tradition is set to fly the cultural banner.

Manu taratahi

Manu taratahi

The single plume of toetoe at the narrow end of this manu taratahi gives the kite its name – tara means point and tahi means one. This kite comes from Ngāi Tūhoe, and was collected by Elsdon Best. It is now in the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Auckland Sketchbook: Manu Aute Kite Day

Manu Aute Kite Day

The Manu Aute Kite Day is part of the Matariki (Maori New Year) celebrations at Orakei Marae. Kite flying was popular with ancien...

Manu Taratahi


Matariki Kites

Maori kite flying - New Zealand in History

New Zealand history. Maori history and culture. Ancient Maori kite flying traditions.

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