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joshua warren

joshua warren
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HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS - Ukrainian Artist Alexey Kashpersky

devidsketchbook: “HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS Ukrainian Artist Alexey Kashpersky (behance) - “Many days I tried to find a composition solution, playing with the model. All attempts were not.

~~plant cells | living cells that have functions ranging from storage and…

A microscopic view of plant cells. Explore patterns in nature and the properties of materials: e. plant wall cells are tubes which gives them strength and flexibility.

Wash Your Hands, Kids: The Bacteria on the Handprint of an 8-Year-Old After…

Germs On Hands: Boy's Handprint Reveals Various Bacteria After Playing Outside. This is why hand washing is important.

Daily Petri Dish

San Francisco based artist Klari Reis uses layers of reflective epoxy polymer to create colorful and abstract paintings that look like living microorganisms within the confines of plexiglass petri dishes for a project called The Daily Dish.