kato kimoariri

kato kimoariri

kato kimoariri
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character sketch by dustsplat on DeviantArt

character sketch by dustsplat on DeviantArt -- sensing a trend of side shaves with female sci fi characters but I'm kinda digging it

tracer - More at https://pinterest.com/supergirlsart/ #tracer #overwatch #fanart

bodysuit brown_hair character_name cowboy_shot goggles grey_background gun highres jacket overwatch reroi short_hair smile solo thigh_gap tracer_(overwatch) weapon

Mix of zombie and fox

Roki here! I work for Ikasa! He's like a big bro! I'm super energetic and fun! Can't wait to beat you! I have a carved smile but most of the time I smile anyway! Except in this picture in this one I frown :(