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true, but only one has inspired this thus far

Capricorns can be some of the meanest people you ever encounter, but only if you provoked them or they don't trust you. They're far from bullies.


Creepy that posts about capricorns are me to a tee. Want to get inside me, figure me out, well here you go.

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The best thing you can do is stay out of a Capricorn's way. Nothing frustrates them more than being slowed down by your lack of common sense.

Capricorn Zodiac Facts

Capricorn Zodiac Facts Im so extroverted and out going .I burst at the seams.All these are so true its scary.Cant stand restrictive authority yes yes .im a rebel,,,

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I'm not into the zodiac crap, but this is valid. whomever wrote this really doesn't know what a stickler for perfection we Capricorns are. The apostrophe, dawg.


Capricorns are particular with who they take in as friends. Even if a Capricorn tends to make friends easily, they do not see them as friends, but rather someone who they just socialize with on occasion. Those who are seen as friends by Capricorns.


Always plan ahead.and make sure to have a backup plan.and then a backup plan to your backup plan.and then a backup plan to your backup plan's backup plan.