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Cyclone Ninja Throwing Star For Sale | AllNinjaGear.com - Largest Selection of Ninja Stars, Throwing Stars, and Shuriken

Shurikens, ninja stars, and throwing stars for sale at All Ninja Gear. Great prices on throwing stars and ninja star sets including Batarangs and Naruto. Razor sharp and real, these ninja stars will stick where they're thrown.

The Ninja employed just about everything as their equipment from farm tools to everyday objects. They had a gear for just about every situation and battle. From the Manriki chain to the grappling hook, a Ninja was always prepared like a modern day boy scout. Our Ninja gear and Ninja equipment are top quality and make a great addition to any practitioner of Ninjutsu or just collectors of Ninja weaponry.

All of this gear looks like it would be wielded by a ninja, it all has a very basic look to it which comes across as very discrete to have on the body. Even the chains look like they would make no noise when rattled about.