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This hearty Middle Eastern vegetarian lentil stew with carrots and potatoes makes for a nutritious and wholesome meal tonight!

Feijoa and cream cheese muffins – Recipes – Bite

10 ways with feijoas – Your ultimate recipe collection to indulging in one of our favourite autumn fruits, the feijoa.

Graphic design, branding and packaging for Vant36.5 on Behance by Eggplant…

Graphic design, branding and packaging for on Behance by Eggplant Factory Seoul, Korea curated by Packaging Diva PD. Some cute Moomin packaging for the smile file : ) Mehr

Along with its anti-inflammatory benefits, antioxidant-rich turmeric can be used…

22 surprising uses for turmeric -Along with its anti-inflammatory benefits, this antioxidant-rich staple from the spice rack can be used for everything from dying Easter eggs to whitening teeth. -By: Melissa Breyer on Mar 2013

CopperMuse® Silver Rum — CopperMuse® PD

CopperMuse® Silver Rum — CopperMuse® PD Interesting geometric design with vibrant colours light green and gold has a art deco look that i want my design to have uses a lot of spiral patterns swell but with a diamond on the centre aswell