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Sakura looks really good in this

Sakura looks really good in this>>>>for once, i personally don't like her. I hate the way she treats Naruto and swoons over Sasuke

Erza and Mirajane

Erza and Mirajane are friends no matter how much they've fought when they were young - Fairy Tail

Noragami ~~ Yato and Yukine

Noragami ~~ Yato and Yukine are true partners :: [ The one and only by CottonCandyStar on deviantART ] Noragami is quite underrated!

Yato & Hiyori

Yato x Hiyori (noragami) love love these two! They act so funny together it's just so cute xD


tanuki-kimono: “ Kimono drawing by Kaoruko Maya. Here you can see belt knots examples.