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Phabulous Phormiums - Urban Jungle

Having recently increased our range of Phormiums it got me thinking. I’ve often wondered what possesses some people to build up a National Collection of plants. I’ve watched... View More

A new-build uses native planting to blend into its mangrove surroundings

A new-build next to a mangrove-fringed estuary south of Auckland called for a garden that utilised native planting and textures to blend into the landscape

What's your garden style? 5 outdoor designs to inspire you

Formal or natural? Classic or contemporary? Discover your outdoor identity with these 5 popular styles and use it to design your dream garden

Evergreen Huckleberry in Oklahoma? Reader Q and A ⋆ North Coast Gardening

Jack out in Oklahoma read about my native evergreen huckleberry, Vaccinium ovatum, and wondered whether it might grow in his area: “Will this actually grow in Oklahoma City area? Or is it a borderline plant for our state? Thank you, Jack” Jack, a little poking around online at the USDA website shows that the evergreen […]

24 X DWARF TOE TOE, Austroderia Fulvida | Trade Me Marketplace

24 X DWARF TOE TOE PLANT DIVISIONS. Toetoe, Austroderia fulvida This is the smallest of the NZ native toetoe. Austroderia fulvida is found throughout t...

Libertia peregrinans 101122-0812

Mount Tomah Botanic Garden, Blue Mountains, New South Wales

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Pseudopanax ferox

Totara Road — local

Totara Road — local