Matariki Maori Proverb

The honi is a Polynesian greeting in which two people greet each other by pressing noses and inhaling at the same time. This is a very honorific as this represents the exchange of ha--the breath of life, and mana--spiritual power between two people.

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This Kiwi paper shape is perfect for celebrating New Zealand and its wildlife. Great to start conversations about New Zealand.

Matariki - YouTube

Matariki is a Ready to Read book at Gold level. This book tells us about Matariki and its importance to those of us living in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

*M*A*T*A*R*I*K*I* 2017

Last year a good friend asked me if I had heard that two new whetū in the Matariki cluster, had been named (Pōhutukawa and Hiwaiteran.

Matariki (ENGLISH LANGUAGE) - YouTube

Busy sisters learn of the wonderful story of Matariki and how whizzy, zippy, zig zagging sisters can work together to complete very important tasks.