Street Art

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street art

so cute to look up and see this on the building. great transition from gutter to downspout

street art

Penny and Daniel Lumbini: Out of the Blue, Hackney, London, street art mermaid in a can love it!

Street Art

Street artist Escif has created the latest work in Morocco, Melilla Art School. It appears to be a wallpaper or graphic of some sort, laid over the traditional shaped architecture in peachy tones.

Six Wild Animals Take Street Art To The Next Level in Johannesburg, South Africa

ROA Stacks African Animals on a Building Facade in Johannesburg, South Africa. - photo via Art & Design on fb

Street Art in Paris

Keeping the streets classy with Coco Chanel. David Flores – Coco Chanel New Mural @ Los Angeles, USA

Murals Composed of Frenetic Linework by DALeast street art murals birds

Not eating crow. Murals Composed of Frenetic Linework by DALeast street art murals birds

Street art

Robocop in OTR Found in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio. I am not sure when I first spotted him but I would guess he has been there four or five years. By Larry Jones

Really clever - Love the use of something textural and bright contrasting with the drab pavement.

i wish i could see this in person. and create my own version in the cracks of my backyard cement. such beauty. * insta: outofthekit -Street Art in the cracks of Paris by Juliana Santacruz Herrera. Knitting potholes with a touch of color!

Urban Street Art in "Fashion"

“Fashion department store Marks & Spencer launched its project called Shwopping, a portmanteau of shopping and swapping, in an effort to recycle clothing and decrease waste. The Shwopping project,.