Photographer Thomas Allen uses cut-outs from old book covers to create a 3D context for the stories

Minnesota-based photographer Thomas Allen turns vintage pulp fiction into pop-up books

Thomas Allen recreates scenes in the style of classic cinema. Cutting books with skill, making appear very vintage and colorful silhouettes which are telling us a story.. Delicatessen!

The amazing cut out book art by Thomas Allen Could be a good book report project

Book Art Photography by Thomas Allen

But you can also cut pictures out of them and then create photos using different figures. This is what photographer Thomas Allen does. His book art is very unusual and unique in its own way.

Drawstring_2012 Thomas #Allen

beautiful evidence: new illustrations cut from encyclopedias + primary readers - thomas allen.

by Thomas Allen

Booklicious: {blast from the past post}Thomas Allen's Pop-Up Pulp

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Beautiful Evidence: New Illustrations Cut from Encyclopedias and Primary Readers by Thomas Allen pop ups illustration books

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