Creamy chicken, bacon and lentil soup with ciabatta by Nadia Lim |

This creamy chicken soup is so great for cold winter nights - filling and warming with a delicious touch of heat from the chipotle sour cream.

Butter chicken with turmeric pea rice and cucumber mint salad by Nadia Lim |

How to make Healthy Butter Chicken with Turmeric Pea Rice and Cucumber Mint Salad

Pizza Supreme by Nadia Lim |

Pizza is perfect for a Friday night in. I love making Pizza Supreme at home - lots of tasty veggies combined with spicy salami and plenty of melted cheese!

Italian herb chicken and pumpkin bake

I think there's something quite magical about one-pan bakes - which is why this Italian herb chicken and pumpkin bake recipe is a favourite.

How to make healthier takeaways at home by Nadia Lim |

It's drilled into us that fast-food and takeaways aren’t the most nutritious choice we could be making, but make them at home and it's not an issue!

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