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Kasey Murdoch

Wellington, NZ
Kasey Murdoch
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The Bible only mentions tattoos once. Well, sort of. Leviticus 19:28 reads, “You must not make cuts in your flesh for a dead person, and you must not make tattoo markings on yourselves.” While most would argue the words “tattoo markings” clearly refers to modern day body art, the common consensus among Biblical scholars is that the verse refers to practices associated with mourning the dead, not tattoos as we know them today. With that said, the Bible really doesn’t directly address body…

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there is something about a white tattoo that makes it so dainty! Plus i can hide it under my gloves for those old fashion dentist that hates tattoos!

I'm not a big fan of tiny tattoos (go big or go home) but this one I would definitely consider. Little white inked cross that I could see and keep with me where ever i go :)


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