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Read "Falling In Love with a Princess - Chapter 1" #wattpad #romance

Read "Fandom Secret" Molly Hooper is in search of a new life at Hogwarts. What she gets is year of murder, mystery, and magic. Come along as she befriends a detective, a ADHD geek, and a cripple! Pacific Rim Harry Potter and Sherlock crossover!

Rules for watching 5sos keeks

Rule number 5 for watching keeks: If Michael is talking turn the screen brightness down, don't wanna have a seizure over his bright hair yo<< omg this is why I love this fam😂


If you don't swim you'll drown so don't move, honey- 5 seconds of summer she looks so perfect

It's true besides one direction but yall guys helped me out even though yall never talked to me or I haven't even met yall.emotionally yall guys saved my life.I love yall so much


oh my god he looks like a little butterfly i just want to cuddle him to death Flower Crown Luke Hemmings 5 Seconds Of Summer