Anniversary pillow

Adore this personalized anniversary pillow! Remember the Day - Burlap Feed Sack Pillow - Personalize with a special date in your life

Small Measures: Natural Room Spritz | Design*Sponge

DIY:: Natural Lavender Infused Room & Linen Spray For each of the three blends listed here, place the essential oils in a to jar. Add cup of vodka, and top off the bottle with distilled water. Shake, spritz and enjoy!


For the Wallflowers: Giant Floral Typography Wall Art DIY

How to make a giant typography wall art with flowers, tipografía, gigante, decoración, flores I'd do it with marijuana leaves for my friend's bday.

pretty mirror

Un miroir bordé de fleurs en carton

Do you that this mirror has been embellished flowers made from egg cartons? But it’s true, you can make a bunch of flowers by egg cartons to make your mirror beautiful. It will beautify your adorn room and make it charming.

Fabric wrap

Wrap a gift in burlap. Natural gift wrap that can be easily reused! Another great idea for the burlap

simple wreaths for winter

A simple tutorial for fern wreaths that I did for once wed. I dont think they have to be just for christmas either, I think they would be wonderful at a garden wedding too. Thanks to leo patrone for the photos.

cut outs.

The paper texture creates a homey, warm feeling. And so does the idea that this was a craft project. The white peeking out from the plant leaves connects our eyes to the white type at the bottom.

16 More Reasons to Fall for Fresh Flowers

16 More Reasons to Fall for Fresh Flowers

this has to be the most beautiful bouquet I've seen lately. that polka dot tissue paper is not too bad either.

Hot chocolate on a spoon!.

Hot chocolate on a spoon! Simply melt dark or milk chocolate chips, a spoonful of Nutella. When chocolate starts to harden place a wooden spoon in the top and add a cute tag or ribbon.

Floral Quote Globe | Anthropologie Hack

Floral Quote Globe

So after eyeing this gorgeous globe for over a year I finally decided to create my own version! I have seen a few DIY options for some of the globes but

Artifact Uprising // Make your own photo book. Create your own photo album, photo calendar and photo cards.

Wood Calendar

So you've got online albums stuffed with filtered shots. How do you make those memories tangible? Read on.