Though it does use a photograph I enjoy the surrealist element of the fork bending as though it's a hand.

75 dystopian novels you must read

Prepare yourself emotionally for the wave of amazing YA books about to take over your June! Don’t know which books to get? Let this list be a good starting place! The 15 Most Anticipated YA Books Publishing … Read

The Grave Yard Festival

The Graveyard Festival

Lettering artwork for All That is Solid Melts into Air. Typography by Steven Bonner. Available March 2014

Steven Bonner bossing at life. Book cover for Darragh McKeon's 'All that is solid melts with the air' from Penguin.

Little Black Lies by Sandra Block

From first-time novelist Sandra Block, a gripping pageturner about a psychiatrist determined to discover the truth about her past.