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Double Exposure Portraits by Antonio Mora  L’artiste espagnol Antonio Mora fait portraits de femmes et d’hommes en double exposition d’éléments naturels : des vagues, des paysages montagneux ou des animaux et plantes viennent se juxtaposer aux visages des modèles. Ses portraits sensuels et élégants sont à découvrir en images.

Surreal pieces of Art by Antonio Mora, a Spain-based artist who spent several years working as an art director in the industry. Mora — now a full-time artist — describes himself as someone who creates.


An interesting photo, with what looks like a red light in the distance. As usual, all info has been removed, as to where these tracks are.

Janet Little Jeffers - patina - rust - peeling paint - beautiful decay

Janet Little Jeffers - patina - rust - peeling paint - beautiful decay--such delicate colors

Skyscrapers in black and white, Resort 2012/13: Zoom

The Knox Security corporate headquarters on Avenue is pretty much exactly as I imagined it. Tall, dark, and sleek. It exudes strength and security. If Knox were a building, this is what he’d look like.