Kathryn lawsong92@gmail.com

Kathryn lawsong92@gmail.com

Kathryn lawsong92@gmail.com
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How to make a super secret book safe. So cool!

How to Make a Super Secret Book Safe! So easy and great to have a few of these! You could easily use this as a gift box and fill it with cute things for him.

Story Stones Ideas - 5 Ways to Make and Use Story Stones with Kids

Story telling through story stones are our favourite. Make your own story stones! These 5 story stones ideas for kids include painted, drawn, and collaged story stones plus ideas for story telling with them.

How to Make Magnificent Magnifying Glasses...

How to Make Magnificent Magnifying Glasses minus the waldo stickers for spy kits

I-Spy Bottle - Could even turn into a "theme" for a birthday party--each kid makes their own! Maybe use colored sand too??

What a lovely idea! I spy bottles. Could add pictures of items to find to help younger kids who can't read yet

Cute periscope activity but probably too much work for so many kids in such a little time.

**Detective Activities for kids - detective unit periscope craft directions

Secret decoder wheel printable. Link: http://dabblesandbabbles.com/printable-secret-decoder-wheel/

Use this FREE DIY printable decoder wheel to send & receive secret messages without anyone being the wiser. A great resource for teachers, parents & makes a wonderful addition to spy theme parties.