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#RainbowLoom projects are all the rage! Check out our top 10 project picks that include this #craft craze.

Best Rainbow Loom Projects Ever! Just completed Shark and Penguin for my boys!

Mini Snakebelly - Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Mini Snakebelly - Rainbow Loom Bracelet I love the colors pink and purple.

rainbow loom

the best loom rubber bands ever best price and quality hat you can find my kids love them a lot. If you'd like to find more information on loom bands, loom rubber bands, and rainbow loom, check out all of the information to be had at

Chameleon Charm Rainbow Loom Tutorial

Kids love making their own rainbow loom animals, and with this step-by-step video tutorial, they will be able to make their own Ridiculously Cute Rainbow Loom Chameleon. They'll want to show off their new pet chameleon to all of their friends.

How To Make Rainbow Loom Bracelets - Loom Love

June How to Make a Double Braid Loom bracelet. I'm not a fan of these loom bands, but these bracelets look pretty amazing!