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Before I die, I want to ...

I have gone zip lining before but it was more of an obstacle course and less of a longer zipline. Going zip lining over the ocean would be beautiful and really fun because you would land in the ocean and it would just be really pretty and fun!

*bucket list for girls*

I only have four more days of high school and my journey for college begins! I can't wait to graduate from my future school. I hope to complete college at Northern Arizona University and graduate with my bachelor's in Psychology.

...and likely scream the whole time!

Interests- I really want to go zip lining because I've always had a sense of adventure in me. I want to experience things that make my blood pump faster and make my brain jump with excitement, such as zip lining.

Check!!!!! I've visited both the Canadian and United States side!!!! Great Fun!!!!

I have visited the Canadian side but not the American side. But I would definitely go to the Canadian side again!