"I Dream of Patience" by Eugenie Fontana.  Awesome design.

Tree of Life/ Painting by the artist Blaine Fontana "I dream of Patience"

Shane Cotton

Shane Cotton, He Pukapuka Tuatahi, 2000

I Dream “Between Numbers” by Blaine Fontana

My love for analog has been re-ignited thanks to Alex F. Check out analog// @ the OC Mart Mix…

Blaine Fontana

Blaine Fontana "The Avant Gaurd of the Midnight Maurader" Acrylic on canvas wrapped around wood 84 x 48 inches

Blaine Fontana - Chromagrain

About Blaine Fontana Blaine Fontana currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Imbuing his vision with the divine symbolism of religious myths, worldly folk