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Life's too short so let go of the hurt

The author Anne Lamott compares holding grudges to drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die. We think we are punishing others. After all, they should pay for the way they hurt us.

5 easy ways to help those less fortunate around the world

When a natural disaster, war or other tragedy strikes, it can deeply touch your family, even from halfway around the world. Whether it is a friend next door or a stranger in another country, we want to do something to ease the pain of others.

Making scripture study a part of your routine

making scripture study a part of your routine.good post on the importance of daily scripture study.and ways to get into the habit of daily scripture study.

The art of apology and forgiveness

There is an art to really apologizing to someone. It is the fine line between heartfelt sorrow and just shutting them up. There is also an art to receiving an apology.