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nico made a business of selling muggle stationary during his school years and now gives some away to all of his students (and keeps extra for those who ask because these aren't the dark ages merlin)

Yes let’s combine the nerd and geek fanboys out there

MuggleWorld - Where the Magic REALLY Happens --> Lots of good points here. It's true that wizards are kinda blind to the fact that asking for help would solve a lot of their problems


I don't think Foxface was in love with her. I do think she had a reason to want Katniss to win, though.<<< I really like this head cannon, whether Foxface was in love with katniss or not 😌

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Elizabeth Swan: the best Pirate King-Pirates of the Caribbean >>> Will is actually the least piratey of them, while Elizabeth was nearly as much a pirate as Captain Jack Sparrow.