honey sweetened lemon curd

honey sweetened lemon curd with coconut whipped cream and topped with shredded coconut!

Fragrant Feijoa and Apple Chutney

Feijoa's are plentiful through Autumn, use them to create this gorgeous chutney. It tastes fantastic with soft brie cheese or add a spoonful to casseroles for sweet spiciness.

Beetroot & Apple Chutney

Enjoy this delicious earthy chutney served on a lamb patty with rocket and Greek feta for the ultimate lamb burger. Keva xo This chutney will keep unopen.

Feijoa & Ginger Chutney | HOMEGROWN KITCHEN

Feijoa, Pear/Apple and Ginger Chutney - a low sugar recipe.

Date Paste

Sweet and slightly spiced, this thick spread date paste is a match made in heaven with cheese! Enjoy with a crumbly sharp cheddar, parmesan or a nutty blue cheese. Pre-mixed Moroccan spice mix can be used in place of spices in this recipe.