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Apple Cinnamon Sugar Scrub - Great gift idea!

DIY Apple Cinnamon Sugar Scrub Tutorial - Smell good enough to eat this Holiday Season - Great gift idea!


* * VICTIM WHITE: " Nevers under-estimate the moron factor in humans dat think…

Black smoke persian

black smoke, persian cat--"my" first cat that was my baby was a black persian cat. She was my "minky" Looks like my black smoke Tara

cute kitten

Once in a while, a cute kitten sneaks into my heart and onto this board:) Adorable. I want this kitty.

Persian cats are tremendously responsive and become a constant source of joy and delight to their owners. --- Cat Fanciers' Association

Himalayans are cross breed of Siamese and is relatively new in other Persian cats.They were produced in the middle of Century.For a long time they were considered as the separate breed specially in America but later they were included in Persian Cats