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Rain Drop Cake is a super popular Japanese dessert that is so unique, delicious, easy to make, and low in calories! Doesn't sound that tasty but it looks so cool!

photo credit:Chopstick Chronicles Last month I introduced you to a hot trending item called the rain drop cake dessert. It looks like a drop of water on your plate.

How to make Edible Strawberry RAINDROP CAKE - Water Cake

Raindrop Cake - 2 cups boiling water, teaspoon agar, teaspoon sugar-- combine and cool to lukewarm-- put in circular molds-- add any fruit/berries as wanted-- refrigerate 30 minutes-- plate, drizzle honey on top, and serve

Lychee Lime Fizz for a light cocktail made with lychee, lime and mint.

The appeal of cocktails comes about from the actual drink and from the gorgeous garnish. This drink adds the light flavors of lychee and lime to a vodka base.